Health Guidelines

Students with a fever (100oF or greater) or obvious signs of illness (such as nausea, vomiting or diarrhea) must stay at home until their temperature is normal (98.6oF) for 24 hours and/or until all other symptoms subside.  Please wait 24 hours after starting antibiotics, for a contagious illness, before returning to school. 


The nurse's clinic is for short term illness, and parents should make prompt arrangements to pick up ill children for the health and protection of everyone.


School Nurses are required to report all communicable diseases on their campus to the Texas Department of Health weekly. Please call the school nurse, secretary or attendance clerk to report a communicable disease such as chicken poxmeningitis, pertussis, conjunctivitis(pink eye), ringwormstrep throat, flu or other physician diagnoses. Parents are notified when a classroom has two or more cases of a reportable communicable disease confirmed by a physician.  Please review page 18 in the VPS handbook. 


Prescription and over-the-counter medications may be given by school personnel only if the medication is sent in the original container, properly labeled with the student’s name and with written permission provided by the parent/guardian, giving specific instructions regarding the amount and time of dosage. The student must leave the medicine with the school nurse or teacher. *Over-the-counter medications must have a physcians signature.* Forms are available at the front office or nurse's clinic. Please review page 22 in the VPS handbook.


Parents must send written permission when a student is unable to participate in Physical Education activities. For periods greater than three consecutive days, a doctor’s notice is required. If your child has a health condition or injury that will require an extended absence from PE please notify the school nurse at your child’s school.


The Texas Department of Health requires periodic health screenings of school-aged children for vision, hearing, dental, acanthosis and spinal problems. Screenings are conducted by school nurses and/or TDH certified screeners. If your child fails a screening test the school nurse will re-check them. Parents are notified by the school nurse when results are not within normal limits.


Immunizations are required for school attendance by the Texas Department of Health. School nurses notify parents when immunizations are due and provide information about community health care providers who provide such services. According to state law, students may be excluded from school until documentation of immunization is verified. State law only allows medical and religious exemptions. If there is a question or concern please contact the school nurse.

       HEAD LICE

Students with head lice will be allowed to stay in school until the end of the school day.  Parents will be notified and, after treatment, will return with the child to be checked by the nurse.  Keep in mind absences due to lice are unexcused.


Injuries sometimes occur at school. The school nurse will notify you if your child is severely injured at school. It is important that phone numbers and emergency contacts are kept updated through the school year. Some injuries may seem minor at the onset but need to be watched for 24 hours.

Last Modified on October 16, 2013