Parents,Guardians, Visitors, and Students,

 Yes,indeed, it is 2014!  Over one-half of the year is past and the best is yet to come. At VMS we are constantly evolving, and we strive to make VMS a welcoming, vibrant school, that provides an academically challenging, yet nurturing environment for our students.

 STAAR time is quickly approaching and we are excited about the potential each of our students has.  We are looking forward to another year of exemplary performance. That being said, I would like to remind all of you that the teachers of VMS are always available from 7:30 – 8:00, and 3:35 – 4:00 each day for additional tutorials.  This is a time that students can get one-on-one help on STAAR or homework specific questions and concepts. 

 It is documented and researched that students who read at home on a regular basis have higher scores in all academic areas. This will be the expectation for each and every student at Venus Middle School, but we cannot do this without your commitment to your child in this expectation.  It is academically imperative that your child read a minimum of 3 – 4 nights a week.  Whether it is personal readings,or subject related readings, it is the practice and repetition that is the foundation to furthering their educational level.

 As a result of the aforementioned, VMS has shown significant gains in many areas over the past few years.  Thanks to your continued help and support,our discipline numbers have dropped again this year, and our academic scores continue to rise.  We feel strongly that our current faculty and staff are one of the strongest in the area.  When you combine the knowledge and engagement of our staff with our student’s desire and commitment, we are sure to accomplish our educational journey! Through Personal Responsibility In Daily Efforts, we will achieve each of our individual, as well as collective goals and attain the level of personal, academic,social and emotional growth we all desire.

 We would like to share information that may assist you in preserving that connection as your son or daughter matures and seeks more independence. Through the regular use of the Venus ISD web site at and the link to Venus Middle School’s web page, parents have access to a wealth of resources to assist in keeping everyone informed.  One of the resources available is the Skyward Parent Access (Parent Portal) that permits parents and students to access grades and class assignments for each subject on your child’s schedule. Just click on “For Parents” then “Parent Portal” to obtain further information.

Be a part of something great, and help us drive VMS to the upper echelon of academic ability by taking an active role in the educational expedition known as middle school.  Thank you for your time, and once again, welcome.  IfI can help you in any way, please let me know.  You are welcome here,and together we will achieve success.


Randall Buck

Venus Middle School