All meetings will begin at 6:30 p.m. at the Elementary School Library.

Meeting 1: Monday, October 3

Meeting 2: Monday, November 7

Meeting 3: Monday, November 28

  • Presentation*

Meeting 4: Monday, December 5

  • Presentation*

Meeting 5, if needed: Monday, December 12

  • Presentation*

*Presentations will be posted within one week following each meeting.


The Venus ISD Bond Committee ’23 process is designed to be open and transparent. All committee materials will be posted on this website and meetings will be open to the public as long as space allows. Non-committee members in attendance are invited to sit toward the back and listen, but not verbally participate. The non-committee members are encouraged to submit their questions and/or comments in writing on note cards. Those questions and comments will be shared with the committee members and Venus ISD administration. Answers will be communicated via email to guests who provide an email address on the note card.