What is the Venus Bond Committee ‘23?

A group of community members who have come together to evaluate the district’s facilities in order to provide facility and equipment recommendations to the Venus ISD Board of Trustees. The committee will evaluate growth and capacity, aging and evolving building needs, programmatic needs, as well as projected enrollment.

Why did Venus ISD form the Bond Committee and why for 2023?

The district believes in creating a collaborative culture in which all stakeholders may be a part of discussions regarding the district’s future. The district wants input in evaluating growth and facility needs and by forming a Committee it allows the district to hear from and incorporate many different perspectives from people in the Venus ISD community. Committee participants reflect larger community values, needs, and desires. When additional schools are needed to accommodate growth in the area, it takes several years for the design and construction so Venus leaders want to begin the planning process now to be prepared for the future.

Who’s on the committee?

The Venus Bond Committee ’23 represents a diverse demographic makeup of Venus ISD residents, including parents, non-parents, grandparents, local civic and business leaders, as well as school and district staff. These committee members work alongside one another to prioritize and build a recommendation to the Board of Trustees that best represents the values and perceptions of the entire community.

How were citizens selected to serve on the Venus Bond Committee ‘23?

Venus ISD sought nominations through an online form made available through the district’s website and that was shared through regular Venus ISD communication channels. Anyone from the community was able to self nominate and apply for a spot on the committee.

What documents and data are the committee reviewing to determine the needs of the school district?

Committee members are studying current building conditions and functionality, enrollment projections, financial data, and results of a community survey in order to form their recommendation. As additional relevant information and data is requested or becomes available, it will be shared with the committee members.

If I’m not on the committee, how do I learn more about what’s being discussed?

The Venus Bond Committee ’23 process is designed to be open and transparent. Meeting notes, presentations, and agendas will be posted for each meeting, and all committee meetings will be open to the public (as long as space allows).